PAW Program

With our knowledge and nutritional experience, we can help your pet have a healthy, active, and happy lifestyle. PAW stands for Physical Activity and Wellness. The outline below is geared towards pets that need to lose weight, but all programs can be customized for the individual pet and their health needs. So even if a pet just needs a little conditioning to get active and mobile, we are here to provide support.

Initial Evaluation: Exam and Labwork

To rule out medical conditions that could contribute to weight gain such as Hypothyroid, Diabetes, and Cushings Disease.

Presciption Diet Food (Purina or Hills), including Treats

Calculated for healthy weight loss

PAW Camp

Weekly ($150):

Monday through Friday - Boarding, 2 exercise/play times, restricted diet

Saturday and Sunday - Home with pre-measured food/treats

Single ($35):

Day Boarding, 2 exercise/play times

Weight, measurements, and photos will be taken regularly to track weight and make adjustments as needed.